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Whether it's a small local business, an international brand, or a large corporation, Adrax media imposes no limits in scaling and delivering digital services and the right attention your business needs to grow with quality and integrity. As artists in the digital space and as people, we live and operate by these values. It shows in our work and in the total satisfaction of our customers. When we promise results, we deliver. With creativity; With integrity; And to the high level of excellence that we believe every customer, and every business, deserves.


This is our passion and this is why we do it, Adrax Media treats every business like our own and put in all the efforts to ensure we deliver on the services we promise. With a team of highly skilled professionals, many years of experience and a passion for what they do, we make sure every job we are involved in is a successful one. We live by interdependence.



We let data drive our decisions, not nudges. Our digital agency conducts in-depth research to ensure your brand is hitting all its goals across Google.


Our team has spent years getting brands found! With regular updates to your SEO, we ensure you rank where it matters most.


Tailored to your business needs, flexible and mobile-ready we build optimised sites which are functional and look good.


An extended part of your business, ADRAX media will handle all your campaign needs from start to finish giving your business the support it deserves.


Bringing your brand to life is exciting! Our team ensures your brand only gets seen by those who matter.


We break down big data to show you trends amongst your existing customers, making your marketing spend work for you.


 With a transparent, flexible, no BS approach, as part of our digital services, you'll be seeing everything that goes on with your campaign through our live dashboards.


Our designers will ensure your brand speaks to its audience! We believe your brand is crucial to your success and pride ourselves on delivering quality work.



Quickly building a reputation amongst multiple niches as a customer-focused solutions team with an uncompromising eye for creativity, Adrax Media expanded its scope and its vision, catering for multiple industries as listed.



Building brand awareness and leaving the right impression on your customer's mind is important, we help you become relationship builders, driving new clients to your business, whilst helping you grow quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate

Selling homes isn't so hard, but finding the right buyer to pay the desired price isn't as easy as it looks, we have a set of skills helping you find those buyers with our tailored service narrowing down the ones you really want enquiring.


The beauty industry is a saturated market, so standing out plays a big part in the success of the business, we help to ensure you stand out and make the right noise to the right clients, driving customers through the door and creating loyalty. 


We have created end to end campaigns for multiple events whilst taking into consideration consumer purchasing behavior, urgency messaging and increasing year on year retention.

Trade Services

Whether its a household name you want or a B2B service we help you generate leads that will grow your team, help you stand out by creating the right attention and making sure you profit from endless business. We help you shift with the market and maintain a steady flow of work at all times. 


You have a product and eCommerce store you want to scale? Our team promises to deliver mass sales, brand recognition, help identify your demographic market and target the right people, showing them your product when they need it most, thus, boosting sales and awareness. 

Not For Profit

We help not for profits have their message heard through digital storytelling, fundraising and media buying.


This is a tight niche and we only work with certain businesses, if you fit our criteria and qualify, we ensure your growth will be a minimum of double what you're doing and in some cases 5x in a short amount of time.

Here's what our director had to say:

'' The way I look at business is that I need to be a solution to someone's problem. If they don't have a problem why would they need my service?
I find that problem, solve it and do it in a way that I am sure my clients have such an experience they won't forget, delivering at high standards, communicating at all stages, and listening. These 3 steps alone help me identify what the client needs, then do what I'm good at, I deliver.'' 

You drink the Coffee, we do the work 01 Watch your Business grow like never before 02 Efficiently making use of our Digital Expertise 03 The right solution to your problem 04 Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction 05 Customer Support that will make us feel like an extended part of your team. 06

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